۶ Important Tips for Controlling Allergies in autumn

6 نکته مهم برای کنترل آلرژی در پاییز

20150706-495x400 6 Important Tips for Controlling Allergies in autumn

Climate change may cause allergies earlier and longer than in previous years. Bad strong winds also help increase allergy symptoms,
Because the wind can move pollen from plants, grasses and trees up to more than 160 kilometers from its source. Therefore, it is necessary for people to take preventive measures to prevent further problems.
Start dealing with allergies early
Start taking your allergy medications about two weeks before the usual time to start your symptoms
Deal with mildews
Use the vent air conditioner for the bath and immediately clean the stagnant water on the floor. Wash and dry mold visible on surfaces with detergent and water
Keep pollen away
Put your shoes at home and shower after work or outdoor games, wash your hair and change clothes
Be equipped to deal with allergies
Use the n95 filter mask outdoor. Wear gloves to keep pollen into your eyes or skin
See a specialist
See your allergy specialist. These specialists are trained to identify your allergies and provide a specific treatment plan.

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