Kidney Stones Symptoms

علائم سنگ کلیه چیست؟

Kidney Stones Symptoms

Urethor and funky urine

Fever & Chills

Nausea and vomiting

Sharp pain on the side and under the ribs

Pain in the stomach or groin

In very fine asymptomatic stones

Frequent urination or withdrawal of small amounts of urine with each urine

Red, pink or brown urine

The pain that comes and goes and comes back with more intensity 


Drinking plenty of water

Adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables

Abstain from fatty foods

Stress Management and Control

Exercise and physical activity

No consumption of residual foods

Maintaining weight in the health range

Lower intake of salt and canned foods

Avoid excessive consumption of coffee and bold tea

Avoid arbitrary use of dietary supplements

Limiting the consumption of animal proteins

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