۵ Mistakes When Vegetarian

5 اشتباه در هنگام گیاه خواری

groenten-fruit4-495x400 5 Mistakes When Vegetarian

Vegetarianism is a great move for your health and the environment. "Merely eating less meat doesn't guarantee health benefits," says Dawn Jackson Blatner, author of The Flexible Diet. He resists these common mistakes people make when they are vegetarian:

Mistake No. 1

Do not replace meat with the size of protein sources

When you take food out of your diet, you also lose the nutrients needed by that food.Meat is a rich source of protein but also contains nutrients such as iron and B vitamins. Consume protein sources such as beans and lentils, soybeans, butter, nuts and nuts, seeds and butter seeds and whole grains such as oatmeal, germinated budding breads to meet your body's needs.

Mistake No. 2

Use of artificial and processed vegetable meats

These days there are plenty of options like hamburgers, sausages and herbal sausages and they seem to be a good choice. But artificial meats are also heavily processed, processed foods such as artificial meats also contain substances that have zero nutritional value, such as preservatives and artificial colors.

Mistake Number 3

High cheese

Cheese is an easy way to get meat-free protein, but as a result it can add plenty of saturated animal fat in your diet. It is recommended to make most of your protein from plant sources and use cheese for flavor

Mistake Number 4

Immense use of "beige-colored carbohydrates"

Take a look at your plate before meals. Are most foods bronze or beige? "Color is an easy and reliable marker for a healthy meal." "More colors mean more plant chemicals or more protective compounds to get." Make sure your meals contain plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables. And when you eat "beige carbs" such as pasta, bread and packaging materials, choose whole grains to get more fiber and nutrients.

Mistake Number 5

Not eating enough vegetables

The purpose of eating high-end vegetarian foods – is to be vegetarian, but that doesn't always happen.

Create a green base: No matter what you eat, pour a bunch of green herbal ingredients on your plate and then eat your food.

Mix 50-50. When you eat pasta or rice, have half a string of green pumpkin, korean pumpkin noodle, carrot noodle, spaghetti squash, caulfield rice, broccoli rice or other seasoned vegetables with food.



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